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Keesler AFB FamCamp
Mississippi 128580
March 12-14, 2010
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As mentioned by others, this is a homestead campground; it is definitely not a FAMCAMP. Really seems that the Air Force has more problems of this type than any service. Some get cleaned out every so often, other never, and some clean house for a while and then go back to the same old ways. Office has a big board with all sites listed. Just take a look, we're here in March 2010 and several on board show check in early 2009 months; that is surely not a 6 month stay on one of the 42 Long Stay sites! Also, every site is filled right now, dry camping only and yet when I was at the office this AM one of the long stay campers came in to extend stay and no questions were asked by the staff, just make the added payment and all set. This situation really stinks and should be corrected. Maybe if enough of us "travelers" give such reviews someone at Keesler AFB will take note and make corrections. Not much in amenities also, no internet, no TV, etc. Bottom line - great for homesteaders, not what FAMCAMP should be.
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