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Fort Harrison RV Park
Montana 65620
July 29 - August 24, 2011
(Updated: August 24, 2011)
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Paid for a month to allow time to explore the area. Beautiful location and pleasant summer weather. However, on the morning of 8/24, we were told we had to leave immediately because the RV park upgrade will begin on 8/25. Very unpleasant surprise! I have to wonder why the RV park tenants were not given more warning, it's not like the base construction people sat around their coffee on the morning of 8/24 and just decided to go start digging ditches! Wifi has poor signal strength, I was able to connect but the hubby could not. We did not use the showers or laundry facilities. Facility at the RV park is one pit toilet, all others are nearby at the base gym. No trash dumpster on site. Office personnel were friendly and accommodating. The other problem here was with mail delivery. At check-in, I was given a sheet with the mail forwarding address. I had my mail sent here and when I went to pick it up, the soldier told me if I had any more sent, she would return it to sender! Wish they could get their information coordinated without getting the RVers caught in the middle. Park upgrade plan is to put in curbing to protect the hook ups and add a concrete picnic pad to each site. Remainder will be filled with granite sand and trees planted. Possible that all sites will be upgraded to 50 amps.
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