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Montana 71209
Aug 20-21, 2013
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We just spent two nights here and would probably stay again if ever we are back in the area but would not go out of our way to get here. The campground was spotless, the grass dead, the camp host a bit officious, the laundry room clean and a good price. It was quiet as there are no airplanes at this Air Force base. My complaint was that WIFI is advertised but doesn't work. We pulled in, was given a choice of sites, and told to put our money in the payment box. I asked about putting a pen out for our little dog for when we sit outside as she doesn't like to be tied up. I was grudgingly given approval after I convinced the camp host that she would not do her business in the pen. He was concerned that she would ruin the dead grass! We spent about half an hour trying to log on to the internet on each of our electronic devices (one iPhone, one Android phone, the Kindle, and a Mac) and could connect to the signal but could go no further to get onto the Web. I walked down to the camp host and asked if there was a problem or was I doing something wrong. The response was that I was right, it didn't work. Rarely does. Signal is too weak, antenna is too short, and he really didn't seem to care. Others I talked to said it's always that way. I asked who to complain to and was told that if they would let him have comment cards I could write one out and put it in the comment box. Not his fault, but he 1) should have mentioned it when we checked in to save the grief of trying to figure out what was wrong, and, 2) should care enough to talk to someone above him about the issues. Not acceptable. The Outdoor Rec people need to know or maybe even the base commander. If you advertise it, then it should work. Otherwise, don't say you have it.
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September 05, 2013
No offense, but with all of these problems, why did you give such high marks? I definitely would have marked lower!
June 02, 2017
Thanks I learned a new word. Officious. I hope I'm not that way

Bill W 2017 campground host
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