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Montana 65620
August - Mid Sep 2013
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We just left this nice little campground. I read the previous reviews and I assure you, the person who wrote the glowing review and further stated that all roads are asphalt and all sites are level did not stay at this campground. We have been RV'ing a long time as I am a mid 80's retired Navy Veteran, disabled and this campground is quiet, secluded, beautiful and could be (should be) rated up there with the very best EXCEPT the bad and the ugly far out way the good. From the point of arrival and check-in, one immediately recognizes that no one knows a thing about RV's. Aside from an unreadable map, the guest receives absolutely no information, you don't get a receipt and you don't dare ask questions because the young clerks cant give an answer because they don't know a dam thing. Rules? Every campground has them and aside from a few bad apples and experiences, we all know, respect and abide by the rules. This campground makes them up as they go and then does not abide by their own rules. Now get this, a disabled vet was just turned away because the campground is full. Full because a contractor, with two campers (in one slot) and a full utility trailer measuring about 30 feet long somehow took precedence. All the while, that disabled vet who was here to visit the VA Hospital - was turned away and forced to dry camp at Walmart. The park itself has an asphalt drive leading in and around the park. Half of the park (in the rear) is designated tent and dry camp made up of rocky gravel and mowed weeds separated by a drainage area, a filthy latrine, and no showers. The other half is two gravel rows (roads) with unleveled, gravel sites. The first row is 50 amp, the second row is 20/30 amp and this is where the bad turns ugly. If you require 50 amp, good luck because the knuckleheads in the office may have filled all the 50 amp slots with trailers requiring just 30 amps. But it gets worst - the 50 amp sites are smaller than the 30 amp sites and the "islands" between the sites are just 8 feet wide leaving 4, maybe 5 feet (I'm being generous) between you and your neighbors slide, rendering the great big boat anchor of a picnic table between you and your neighbor useless because the slides hang over the picnic table bench. Between each site is an "island" containing two trees, red rock gravel, a small cement pad and a huge cement picnic table. The island is bordered by a cement retaining wall which can measure between 8 and 18 inches tall, depending on where you are measuring from, (front or the rear of the site). This presents serious safety concerns for us seniors and those with balance/mobility issues as it poses a real threat when entering and exiting the RV. That said, my 91 year old wife did take a hard fall and became stuck between the RV and that monstrous retaining wall and although the command was notified of the fall "no one from the office or the command bothered to visit or call to check on her!" The "slots" between the islands are small leaving little room for basement hatches to safely clear retaining walls with the real and dangerous risk on the other side of mis-stepping and falling when exiting RV. Now comes the ugly, the retaining walls are so high and the sites are so out of level that the handling of black water becomes an uphill battle. Good luck! Some rigs have jacked up and set down on cement patio blocks. Others are raised with tires high off the ground. The sites are no where close to level and as crazy as all this is, my electric hookup was on the wrong side as is the case of many of the sites. So, we have water and sewer on one side and a shared electric panel with cords causing even more unsafe walking/tripping hazards as we try to navigate the narrow space between two coaches and that unusable boat anchor of a picnic table. The good - we met some of the best people of our lives, we love them and extended because we desired to spend more time together. This is why we RV and I truly look forward to spending time together again, but unless serious changes are made, it will not be here at Ft Harrison. By the way, as I checked out, I was charged $800 for "winter rate". We arrived in August and stayed six weeks and who the heck charges more for winter rates? I also learned that Ft Harrison will be limiting stays to two weeks, seems to me they are most interested in serving their weekend reservist and those reservists on two week summertime training exercises. Ft. Harrison, a beautiful, unmanaged (FamCamp?) RV park for a short, peaceful overnight stay.
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