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Montana 65620
6 Sept - 9 Sept, 2013
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While most of the comments the previous reviewer are correct some are not. When we arrived at billeting the nice young lady apologized profusely for not having our reserved space. She put us in dry camping for the night at no charge at first I was very annoyed it was raining and she wanted me to park in the grass/mud tent camping area but when I explained the size and weight of my coach she agreed that I should stay on the asphalt. Plenty of room to put out the slides without blocking traffic. I was also very annoyed at the person who had overstayed but that was until I discovered that a lot if not most of the spaces were in use by veterans using the co-located VA hospital and were at the mercy of their scheduling. Understanding and compassion are necessary here. The next morning I moved into space 12 and the "fun" began. 1. You need to pay attention to the map they give you the sites are all pull through and alternate the direction you face. Get it wrong and your hookups will be as the previous reviewer noted on the wrong side. 2. The island curbs are very high making the sewer hookup higher than the bottom of my tanks. 3. The lane between the high curbed islands is so narrow the I couldn't open the doors to my wet or electrical bay all of the way. 4. The back row (sites 6 -12) are not anywhere near level blocks will be necessary to keep from over extending your jacks.
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