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New Mexico 145580
September 16 - September 24, 2010
(Updated: September 22, 2010)
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We stayed for a week in September. First the Good: Dog run is one of the nicer ones we have seen. We stayed in the older part of the park, and was nicely shaded by a huge pine tree. The commissary and exchange are real nice, and are well stocked. There is a thrift store on base with a great selection of books for under $1.00. Decent central location to get to Taos, Santa Fe etc. Now the Bad!: As everyone else has mentioned, there is really no other place in the campsite to walk your dog due to the stickers. The bathrooms are old, and upon first glance - the bathrooms are 'cleaned' daily (trash emptied, mirror wiped down) but the shower is downright disgusting. For 5 days straight, there was a used band-aid in the stall along with long hairs all over the floor, and used soap in the corner. There is mold everywhere, and the shower head itself is caked with some sort of substance that makes it spray in all directions except on the person. Also - don't expect the bathroom to get 'cleaned' on the weekend, as well as the dog poo trash can in the dog run (the bags run out too). My husband is on terminal leave (officially retiring in Dec.) but is still in the military. We went to the dining facility for breakfast one morning, and was told that he could eat in the facility with a copy of his orders, but I (as a dependent) was not allowed in. We have never heard of such a thing as we have dined at various facilities all over the United States. As for the location directly outside of the base - I would advise steering WAY clear! It is as ghetto as it gets, and can be quite scary.
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