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New Mexico 145580
Sept 24 -Sept 28, 2010
(Updated: September 25, 2010)
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If I hadn't talked to the host this morning I would have rated this famcamp higher in hospitality and overall experience. They do not take reservations here and have a 14 day stay limit. I have no problem with that and think it’s fair. Albuquerque has a popular balloon festival that starts next week. When I checked in yesterday, the female host, (Kelly) asked me how long I wanted to stay and that would determine where she’d put me. I told her just till Monday and she put me in the new section. I did wonder why my duration of stay, if within their 14 day limit, made a difference. My wife today suggested we stay another day. I stopped by the office and asked about extending one day. The male who was in the office when we checked in and I assumed was Kelly’s husband was there. Right off the bat he was rude. When I told him I was in the new section he said the base commander told them to have that section emptied of all guests by September 30th. I asked why it had to be emptied and he became visibly upset, saying he had no idea, he was only a volunteer and he’s tired of people gripping at him. I told him I wasn’t gripping, I just asked a question. He never extended my stay, even though I’d be vacating before Sep 30th, and just stormed off. The base commander can do what he wants I suppose. This section that has to be emptied is 40, fifty amp spots – more than half the capacity of the campground that is now not available to the active duty/retired population this recreation site is supposed to serve. At a bare minimum, the folks dealing with customers at the campground should be courteous (as Kelly was) and have an explanation as to why the campground is not available to it’s customer base during a popular event.
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