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New Mexico 145580
18-20 Oct 2010
(Updated: October 22, 2010)
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Since it was a Sunday we had to go through the main gate vice the Eubanks gate. Our rig is a 38’ 5-wheel pulled by a long bed 3500 GMC so I was just a little apprehensive about going through that gate and the maze. It’s a very good thing that I pulled into the visitor parking lot as I don't believe we could have gotten through the main gate. The maze has been tightened up since the last time we were here. The Security Police checked our ID’s and told us that the gate guard usually sends big rigs to the Truman gate. They then had to remove the barriers to let us through. I called the Police Desk this morning and they said that the “prefer” large vehicles use the Truman gate. Here are directions: From I-40 East or West, take Exit 161, San Mateo Blvd. Go south on San Mateo Blvd NE. Left on Gibson Blvd SE After entering gate, go to Wyoming Blvd and turn right. Left on F Ave Then follow directions above. We stayed in the East section. Very large pull-throughs with 50 amp and 30 amp service. This sections is just a very large parking lot with hookups but it works. 10% discount for Officers/NCO Club members.
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