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New Mexico 145580
Sept 15 - 20, 2011
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W.J. left this review using the Directory software - We stayed at this campground from Sept 15th - 20th. Stayed in spot w21. This famcamp is doing a good job. They have tried to answer all bad comments. Yes, for a military camp ground it is a little expensive. The best famcamp in the west only charges 17.00 where as this one charges 18.00. The camp manager is doing her best to satisfy everyone but of course, can't satisfy everyone. The fam camp is in a good location to see the upper east side of New Mexico. The new addition is now looking good. Rock and gravel have been put down and some trees planted. There is no wifi because Sandia Labs is afraid someone will hack into their system. Sounds like a problem with their security. Guess they have not heard of people bringing their own. There is no need for cable TV as Albuquerque has many local tv stations. The old FEMA trailers are still there. Problems here need to be addressed with WMR. By the way, a new restroom facility is being added in the near future to east side park. No plans for a new laundry room. I found all pf the facilities very clean, and staff very friendly. Will definitely will stay at this famcamp again.
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