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New Mexico 145580
November 2011
(Updated: November 20, 2011)
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We stayed here a couple of months ago (on the newer side) and had a very nice time. The camp host was very cordial, the area clean, and RV spaces are nice. We got here this visit after the office was closed for the day so I filled out the envelope at the office per posted instructions. The space I selected in the new section was not marked off on the space chart, so I marked it on the chart and we pulled our RV into that space. There were two traffic cones sitting next to the electrical box (they were not placed in the middle of the space to look like someone might be using that space). I got out of out truck and a woman from the adjoining space came around the corner of her RV and said in a loud non-cordial voice "don't you know what the cones are for?" Not sure why she would think I knew what the cones were for -- the office chart showed the space as vacant and the cones were off to the side of the space. I told her no I didn't know what the cones were for and she continued in her loud non-cordial voice to tell me that the space was reserved. I told her the chart at the office showed the space as vacant and she again said it was reserved. It worked out well that we didn't stay next to her because her dogs barked continually from the minute we pulled into the space. I then realized when I saw her vehicle that this same woman was in that same space when we were here a couple of months ago. During that stay, I had taken our dogs over to the dog park. She was there and actually called out to me to not bring my dogs into the park until she took her dogs out!! The space outside her RV looks like she is set to stay there permanently, just as it did when we were here before. Not the best person to run into for a good first impression of the famcamp.
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