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March 2017
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BIG RIGS: DO NOT COME IN EUBANKS GATE! There are rigs in the park right now with damage from coming through Eubanks. By 'big rig', we mean anything over 25'! We have a 40' 5th wheel and came in Truman, which is the current commercial gate. We followed google maps on phone and the route avoided all traffic on base. From I-25, Exit 222/Gibson Blvd SE, follow signs for airport. Turn right at Truman St SE and gate is right there. Left at second light, Randolph Rd SE. Follow Randolph (name changes to Kirtland Rd SE) then left on Hardin Blvd. Follow Hardin (name changes to 20th St SE). Left at G Ave SE traffic light and you'll see RV park. Turn at first right, which is F Ave SE (on google) and the street sign says Frost Ave. There's a large open area just ahead where we pulled off then walked to check in. The old section is nice in that it has a lot of trees, but the 'big' sites there go first. The new section has huge sites and very easy to maneuver through. In the old section, I saw big rigs going over curbs trying to get through. (Another reason to park at the big, open area and walk/ride the park first!) We didn't need any sewer extension in new section as mentioned in previous post. No hookup problems at all. Staff is still very much part time. If you need quarters for laundry, go to the gas station. Using General Delivery, be aware that your mail will be at the base post office across the street from the USPS building.
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