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Kirtland AFB FamCamp FeaturedNew
New Mexico 145580
April 3-24, 2017
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Extended our stay easily to three weeks by talking to Janice in the office. She was very helpful. We were able to get into the older section under a large pine. May have to scrub sap when we get home but it was a very nice site. We have a 24 foot Navion and tow a Jeep. The site was surprisingly level. There is a building next to the office for men/women bath/showers and the laundry between. Only one shower but I never waited for it which was surprising because this campground is busy. Laundry was very busy at times and the machines took some abuse with some out of order most of the time. Speed Queen would be a better brand for this type of facility. Although they are easy to operate, it would be nice to have operation instructions posted. The wifi worked well for us. Tons of tv stations available with an antenna. Commissary and exchange and gas station convenient with redbox at the gas station. We brought our golf clubs hoping to play golf several times but played only once dt high winds and circumstances. Okay course...pretty rough. Surprised that they are able to keep it open because we seldom saw more than one or two groups on the course. Fun place to have lunch with pretty decent food, but crazy hours. Closed on Monday and Tuesday while we were there. The indoor pool and a fitness center is near the Gibson gate and we utilized both several times. The pool is nice with lots of lanes. We hope to stay here whenever visiting family although, hopefully, not for three weeks!
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