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Ohio 69097
October 5-8, 2007
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When we arrived we were the only campers. Only one other camper arrived in our 3 day weekend stay. The parking pads are long, level and paved. We had good water pressure and 50 amp service. The sewer connections are considerably forward and we had to park somewhat forward to allow our sewer hose to reach the dump. The dump pipe is inside an 8 inch hole and recessed about 10 inches. If you have an L connection on the end of your sewer hose, it won't connect without taking it off or installing some sort of extension. Overall, it was new, quiet and very clean. There are no laundry or bath facilities. I felt it it was overpriced at $29 a night and inquired at the desk. I was told this is due to having no federal funding and it is competitive for the local area. We had average Verizon cell phone coverage and Verizon Broadband Internet connection. This is no Wifi and no Internet connection in the Lodge. A beach is nearby but a sign is posted warning that Lake Erie is contaminated and cautioned pregnant women and children not to swim. We found everyone very courteous.
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