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Ohio 69097
22-23 MAY 2008
(Updated: May 22, 2008)
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This is a National Guard post. Nice campground. We were the ONLY ones on it! Very nice RV/Lodging office worker. Told us to pick the RV site we wanted and then she gave us the key for the hookups. New bathhouse has been built and will be open soon. No cable but several TV stations are available. The gate was closed when we arrived -there was no gate guard present, but it wasn't blocked off so we could still go in. There is good signage at this small base. We drove by the PX, the laundry, the chapel, but they were closed when we arrived. The lodging and conference center where you check in, is open until 10pm. My husband was glad he had some pvc pipe available because the dump pipe is recessed in the ground about 10 inches. At $29, it is the most expensive military installation we have stayed at, but it is still cheaper than area RV parks. It is quiet as it sits way back from the road. It is directly behind the lodge. As we left, we noticed that there is a "Camouflage Cafe" with a sign that said open, however we didn't stop.
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