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July 2013
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I was prepared for a spartan experience at Camp Rilea, and I wasn't disappointed, but I was surprised to find the restrooms so dirty. Turns out that in the last week of July (when I was there with my elderly parents) there's a wonderful bunch of people who host a camp for disadvantaged nearly 200 of them. Two of my friends, in fact, worked for this camp, and I think it's awesome. Unfortunately, and rather amusingly, the young campers begin their day with an o'dark thirty reveille of a sort you and I have never experienced: Tween music (think Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift pound, pound, pounding you into wakefulness) at MEGA DECIBELS! So, while it is indeed very, very cool to be able to visit the Seaside/northern Oregon coast area at a fraction of the cost, and it is indeed true that the staff there are very friendly and nice....I promise don't want to be there in the last week of July. After a couple of requests, they did clean the restroom (thanks Sgt B), and it turns out the teens were mostly the reason it was such a mess, but just beware...this post is used by the community for all sorts of things. In fact, Camp Rilea, as the central location in the county, is also, believe it or not, the rallying place should a tsunami hit the area...unfortunately, it is also in the most vulnerable spot on the coast to be hit (so I was told) by tsunami waves. In any case, enjoy the area, the staff, the ocean and views....but unless you like 200 teenagers...(and I'm not saying I don't)...don't go during the last week of July!
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