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21-24 March 2008
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We were anxious to visit Sheppard's Annex on Lake T., after 35 yrs. SAFB was my 1st assignment & the "annex" was my 1st USAF recreation facility. We had such a great memory of it. But, it was not to be. The "annex" may be operational now after the catastrophic flooding of `07, but there's nothing there. We found it to be a faded picture of a once, booming recreation destination. There are hardly any services there that are touted in the brochure (which I picked up from Sheppard AFB MWR on 20 Mar `08) or on the website. The weekly rates (published in the 2 previous sources) DO NOT exist. It's $20(full hook-ups) a nite regardless. We've never paid $20 a nite at any DOD Famcamp. There are some that may ask $20 a night, but there is always a cheaper weekly/monthly rate. And those bases have dynamite facilities, services and are sparkling clean and are brand NEW. The "annex" bath-house was decrepit, dirty, and lacking daily cleaning. Ex- no handwashing soap, no TP (for 4 days). RV pads are overgrown grassy gravel; that has spread way too thin. (maybe the flooding?) We were told that there was only 1 full hook-up row, but I found that the (cheaper) W/E row had sewer also. No campground host. My neighbor was dumping his gray water out behind his site but w/out a "host" no one would ever have known. The nice ladies that work in the lodge/office don't really know anything about the RV park itself. The "lodge" closes at 5:00pm daily and besides the small store, the services that the base advertises in the lodge are non-existent. The Lake T. annex is way off the beaten path. Sheppard's got to decide if they really want to operate a RV (FamCamp). Note- my write up doesn't include the marina, boat launching, fishing part of the "annex". I'm not qualified to rate it. It appeared that the folks staying in the "annex" cabins that used the marina, thought it was pretty good.
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