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June 4, 2011
(Updated: June 06, 2011)
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We had our family reunion at the Goodfellow Recreation Camp in San Angelo Texas. The manager was very unprofessional and quite frankly rude. My experience there was very disappointing and I would not recommend having a reunion at this place at any time. I know we will not even consider it. My relatives were treated with disrespect and in trying to talk with the manager...he would not listen and he only wanted to show us how he was the "BIG BOSS". There are no spaces for handicap people to park and when my 85 year old aunt parked in a spot close to the reunion site...he made her move to the parking lot which was at least 100 yards away. She even had her handicap sticker. This was very upsetting to my other relatives. My daughter who was unloading food for the reunion was also treated with disrespect. He told her he was going to write her a ticket for parking. Yet, catering trucks were allowed to stay there for hours. Interesting??? Maybe the rec camp needs to invest in some better parking for those using the facilities. 100 yards away is a little far away for the handicap and those trying to unload. I also have other complaints, but this is sufficient at this time.
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