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August 16, 2011
(Updated: August 17, 2011)
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This is a small, but nice FamCamp. Access to it is easy for all size rigs. It is on an off base area lake which provides some MWR rentals of boating and other water recreation equipment. The drive to Goodfellow for such things as commissary and BX will take about 20 minutes depending on traffic. Most other off campground shopping needs are close by. The office, pool, and host staff were very cordial and helpful. Campsite roads are mostly gravel and there is a combination of gravel and paved back-in and pull thru sites. My concrete back-in site needed a bit more fore and aft leveling than I would have liked. I was running AC and most of my appliances at the same time without any voltage problems. The pool is a nice amenity especially if your site is right next to it. There is a laundry facility in a building that has enough space and tables to enjoy an air-conditioned meal if one chooses to do so. It would be a good place to do group card or board games. There are a couple of negatives - which all experienced RVers would find a royal pain in the posterior. I did not downgrade the CG for these specific ones, figuring that it's the fault of upper management who probably have no clue about basic RV fundamentals. If they did, there would not be any negatives. The first negative is that there are several trees branches lining the access road in the CG that need to be trimmed back. They will scrape your rig. Second, signage absolutely SUCKS!! There are no signs directing you to a numbered camp site area. There are no signs directing you to the registration office. If you decide to blindly drive around looking for the office, you might find yourself in a place where there is no way to turn around. The best solution is to stop in the large parking lot that is used for both boats and vehicles and then walk a short distance to the office or camp host site. I did downgrade the CG because I could not get logged into the unsecured WI-FI system despite being close to the office and having tried on several occasions with two different operating systems. My Verizon 3G hotspot worked well which tells you that cell coverage is also good.
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