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Dyess AFB FamCamp
Texas 50301
May 28, 2014 - Jun 5, 2014
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Although others have complained about the lack of attention they received by the manager when they arrived, I didn't count that as a negative. When we arrived there also was no one at the office to sign in with, and no indication of where I should park, I just selected a site, parked, and went to sign in the next morning. No problem. I agree that $35.00 daily is high, but we stayed for a week for $130, which figured out to be $18.57 a day;hence the 5 rating for value. If we had had a Frequent Camper coupon the average would have been even less. That park was the last for us to complete tier 6 of our book, so we bought a new one to start again. They do have the books, and promote the program; some bases don't have the books. The campground is new and therefore looks nice, and the sites are concrete and level. As noted, the sites are short. Each site has its own dedicated parking spot for a tode. Satellite works at every site. The base has hardly any amenities,including no club, and the dining hall was closed for renovation. The restrooms and laundry were neat and clean. As you drive toward the main gate, suggest you stay in the left lane, as it appears to be wider. The barriers were not a problem. I'd stay again, but not at the daily rate. There are some homesteaders, but there were still sites available.
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