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12 Aug - 26 Aug 2009
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Lacking is not the word for this FamCamp. Sites are over grown, many sites are permanently occupied, and they have a 90 day max stay. It is easy to tell by the six foot tall tomato plants, insulation wrapped water hoses, attached wooden steps, semi-permanent "tent" garages, should I go on? When it rains all sites flood except those occupied full time. Tent people even use cones to reserve parking places near the laundry/rest room facilities. When we arrived, on a Wednesday, there was no one to assign us a space. Could not find the office. Drove past the laundry/rest room building because that is what it is! Turns out there is some info on how to contact management if you arrive any day outside of Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not very useful to someone from out of state because all phone numbers lack an area code. This is, without a doubt, the worst military facility I have seen in four years of full time RVing and using all service campgrounds from coast to coast. Must be because it is off base; out of site , out of mind. Place needs command attention.
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