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Washington 75315
May 16, 2007
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Left from the Directory software: This famcamp has great potential, but continues to deteriorate. The "Host" is an active duty Lt. stationed here at Fairchild and his wife is a schoolteacher. They do as little as possible and will even refuse to answer their door when campers come seeking info on how to check in. Of course, the section running this campground abuses decent camp hosts to the point where NOBODY will do it more than one season and several have invented reasons to leave before completing their 'contract'. Last year, there were at least five camp hosts in residence at one time and all laughed when asked if they would be willing to do it again, so the base has finally gotten what it has been asking for -- the bottom of the camp host barrel. (One current camper stated that in her opinion, the "hosts" feel the job is "beneath them".) The base constructed an 8-foot high berm around two sides of the famcamp to "enhance the privacy of the occupants." The consensus of the "occupants" is that it is to "hide the trailer trash". It does, however, provide a lot of rocks for the base housing urchins to throw at campers' cars and some windshields have been broken. Very few people spend any time outdoors because sitting in knee-high weeds is very unappealing. The laundry has two washers and two dryers. The dryers leave clothes damp after 45 minutes. The base has a nice BX and Commissary. The Library is very nice and has WiFi. The Hospital was downgraded to a clinic. The VA Medical Center is only about 15 - 20 minutes away and there is easy access to I-90. A recent change was made restricting "large" RV's to entering only through the commercial gate on Rambo Road during Monday to Friday working hours. After hours and on weekends, they are allowed to go through the main gate. (The DOD guards just shake their heads and say, "Hey, this brainstorm wasn't OUR idea!") If they would just put some honest effort into this campground, it could be great. It would also be a money maker. However, nobody at this base with the authority to make the needed changes seems to have the vision necessary. It is really a shame.

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