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Washington 126312
27 June 2007
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I have recently visited the park at Fort Lewis and going by some of the comments I was a little hesitant. When I arrived in the park, I was pleased by the customer service. I did ask to speak to the Manager about the damaged building and that was reciently fixed. The building had a large tree fall on it damaging the roof. Evidently the project had to be contracted out and the approval had to be passed around to Fort Sam Houston in Texas. The building was unsafe with water leaking into light fixtures and unknown structural damage. The Management made the call to deem it unsafe for patrons to be in the facility. There was another facility that was available for use for showers and laundry during the aftermath of the storm. I was pleased to find helpful staff and a camping setting that was peaceful to me. The park was very clean and the shower and laundry facilities had a fresh coat of paint. The overall upkeep of the park and its facilities was impressive to me concidering the lack of staff and Mother Nature. I have stayed at a few other parks in the area and the paved spots, price, and cable make this my number 1 choice.
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