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I have stayed here many times over the last few years, and agree with reviews by thunderegg and OldWeb... The so called 'Old Camp Host(s)' still in space 1 are a total joke. They don't appear to really do anything except leave a 'We are gone for the day, come back tomorrow' type messages on their whiteboard. The only time there actually seems to be anything being done around the camp is what the 'New Camp Host(s)' have "The Con", and for the fact of the matter, they actually appear to do more on their off days that the 'Old Hosts' have done in the combined days we have been here this year (which has been the vast majority of the year thus far). I have also heard that the 'Old Host' is an Active Duty Lt in the Air Force here on the base, and to add insult to the injury being inflicted on this Fam Camp, he has 'family ties' with the senior leadership aboard this base. Does anyone else know the word 'NEPOTISM"? I would like to see someone look into this because WE are suffering due to it. If this is true, this could be the only explaination for these people being kept on the payroll as I know many of us have complained about the lack of cleanliness of the shower and laundry room. The first time the showers didn't have mold in the corners was when the New Hosts covered for them for a few days in June. Also, when the Old Hosts DO clean the bathrooms, it seems that Pine Sol is splashed around the floors and it is considered by them to be clean, which it really isn't. As I am writing this, the 'New Host' wife is cleaning the laundry room on an off-day, and it has not been cleaned since the last time she did it the middle of last week. The new hosts have also actually taken an interest in trying to irrigate the facility and green up the spaces (which the old host has basically either refused to do or is too lazy) which has in turn gotten some of us 'long-term' campers to become more involved to help around our spaces. As for the 'never answering the door when campers try to check in', I personally have viewed this many times. I also have personally watched campers pull in, not able to find the 'host', hookup, stay and leave early WITHOUT PAYING as there was no one here to greet them and collect when there are new arrivals. The 'New Hosts' seem to be trying to 'Meet and Greet' EVERYONE, help them locate spaces, answer questions, give local directions and actually DO WHAT A CAMP HOST SHOULD DO, not be greeted after a long trip with a sign telling you to 'Use The Iron Ranger!! I feel this needs to be said and everyone made aware of what they are coming into. The best you can hope for is to arrive when the New Host is 'On Duty' and you should enjoy your stay. Oh yeah, if you DO get the 'Use The Iron Ranger' treatment and think there should be more, please complain to Services on the ICE email system (The Outdoor Rec Director Damian Smith) or there is now a complaint box in the laundry room, which the Camp Host has a key for.... The facilities on the base are adequate and I understand that there may actually be wireless internet later this month which will be a real plus and would still like to see cable here as it's either bring your own satellite or go to an antenna.
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