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Washington 75315
7-9 July 2007
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We stayed at Fairchild for the first time Sat-Mon, 7-9 July. We had read the reviews, were aware of the previous problems, and experienced much the same as has been recently reported by visitors in July 2007. I went to the Outdoor Rec office Monday the 9th and made several suggestions, alongst them being to place a sign along with a pad of registration slips and a deposit box ON THE WALL OF THE LATRINE BUILDING, and get rid of the post-mounted "Iron Ranger".
Secondly, retain a cadre of volunteer campers who will assume the job of Camp Host as it is at most other military campgrounds...i.e., BE THERE when the Outdoor Rec office is closed, and take the responsibilities seriously...represent the Base Commander, be available, and above all, be responsive and effective. The Space #1 "Camp Host" was indeed a young Lieutenant and spouse...he had an active duty day job and presumably was there during off-duty hours. However, on Saturday and Sunday the host was NOT there. There was an ass't Host, a retired Marine and spouse, who were very helpful, but they also worked fulltime weekdays.....but again, IF the outdoor rec office is open, that's the place to obtain assistance from...otherwise, it is the Camp Host, but they MUST either be there, or be dismissed from their volunteer status. I'm planning on copying these most recent reports and attaching mine, and mailing them to the Commander of the Fairchild Services Suqadron and finding out why this situation persists. It can easily be resolved with some attention from the Services Squadron, IMHO. Otherwise, Fairchild is a great base! Good Commissary and BX...great outdoor facilities, easy to get to Spokane, good place for running, too. Very clean base. Good selection of sites at the FamCamp, some trees and landscaping would sure help appearance.
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