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Washington 126312
April 22-29, 2008
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We showed up with no reservations, no problem. We decided to extend in order to receive a UPS package. While doing laundry (I use liquid soap) the washer stopped half way through cycle. Maint. man accused me of using to much soap and that is why it broke. (They might consider not selling powder soap if their machines are getting cloged with to much soap). The elder lady at the front desk is always eating, reading or doing crossword puzzles and neglects the customer. When asked if my package arrived she told me no. I checked online it said package was delivered, went back to office and asked again and was told no. Another lady heard the conversation, went to the back room and found my package amongst deliveries, she brought it to our RV. The elder lady just did not want to check. The cleaning crew came in the comman area and all they did was empty trash and sweep floor. No mopping, no cleaning of counters, toilets or sinks. The park is pretty and right by the lake, but would be even prettier if they cleared some underbrush from the grounds. Handy location for sight seeing in Seattle and Mt. Saint Helens. No diesel on Ft. Lewis or Mchord. I believe there is a lot of long term people.
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