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Washington 126312
May 13 to 28, 2008
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After hearing about the Travel Camp at Fort Lewis for several years, we finally decided to make the trip out west. For the past two years, the on-line reviews have been about 50/50, (favorable/unfavorable). Unfortunately, the unfavorable comments have all been about the same items; laundry facilities with 50% of the equipment out of service, (two washers out of four, and two dryers out of four), shower facilities with broken plumbing fixtures and in need of cleaning, and a staff with little knowledge or initiative and bad attitudes. To get some additional background, I decided to check the ICE Service Provider Report ( and found only a single response from 11 Feb to 4 May, which was not very informative. Well, I called about a week ahead to make a reservation beginning May 13. Amber advised me that due to the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, we would have to move several times during our two week stay. As it was, she said that she only had an opening for one night, and then to overflow. Upon arrival the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the park office is co-located with the outdoor rec store and offices. This may be a good idea for management, but does not bode well for the campground. We were checked in by Margaret on the 13th. She at least made an effort to look for sites for the next two weeks. (How hard can it be with only 48 RV sites?). She found two sites that would cover the two week stay, but, the system they use counts each as a separate reservation, requiring a non-refundable reservation fee. The next day, we checked out of the site and headed to Camp Murray which is only 1 mile up the road and spent the night there instead of overflow. Upon our return to Ft. Lewis we were checked in by Amber. During the process I asked about moving reservations to avoid unnecessary moves within the camp. She replied that "we don´t do that. We aren´t allowed to do that," even though sites are not reserved. At that point I paid the balance on our next two sites and went to set up. During the next week, the site we were to move to next became open so I went to look at it. I is a 41 foot site on a curve with no additional parking in the area. I then went to the office and spoke to Sharron and explained that it was impossible to park a 40 foot 5th wheel and 25 foot truck in a 41 foot space (did I point out that this park in NOT big rig friendly?). Sharron took the initiative to switch a single reservation which eliminated the necessity to move for the balance of our stay. Other observations during our stay included a total lack of any type of in-briefing on policies, pet rules, parking, etc. A total lack of policing or daily inspection by management, a complete disregard for any written rules regarding fires, pet pens, vehicle washing etc., and lack of facilities and grounds maintenance.
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