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Washington 126312
July 14-21, 2013
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The RV Park is great and has the potential of being better. Everything that is stated in the Campground Information is fact. Our site was classified as a lakeside site but that does not imply a lakeside view. There are perhaps 3 or 4 sites that can “see” the lake. The Campground is located in a beautiful wooded area with dense underbrush making a view of the lake almost impossible. Satellite reception is non-existent. They do have cable TV in the Campground but you have to borrow a satellite receiver from the office. The staff were courteous and do their best to be helpful. It is obvious that they have multiple duties and responsibilities working at the Northwest Adventure Center, which by the way, has a good assortment of outdoor equipment for sale or rent. There are two camp hosts residing in the Campground but you never see them. To the best of my knowledge there are no walking trails near the Campground. For those of us that like to go on long walks we have to fulfill that desire by walking on the roads or sidewalks. Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Ft. Lewis and look forward to returning at some time in the future. I would like to share a few things we discovered while we played tourist. If you are planning to visit Mt. Rainier National Park, plan for a very long and tiring day. It would probably be best to plan multiple days and/or possibly stay overnight closer to Mt. Rainier NP. We attempted to see and enjoy as much as we could in one day at Mt. Rainier but fell short of our goals. On the plus side, we have a good incentive to return. Also, you can save a little time by going through Ft. Lewis (Main) to Stryker Road and out the East Gate to Routes 507 and 7. I had a “boy’s day out” one day and took a ride to McChord AFB - I wanted to visit the Air Museum. I enjoyed my little adventure. The museum consists of two parts; a small building near the PX (BX)/Commissary complex, and static displays of well-maintained aircraft near the airstrip. What I found enjoyable was talking to the volunteers at both locations. They make a special effort to greet every visitor and provide a wealth of information about Air Force aircraft and McChord AFB history. While at McChord I also visited the BX, Commissary, and Holiday Park FamCamp. The BX seems to be similar to Ft. Lewis, but less crowded. The Commissary is small with narrow aisles. The RV Park at McChord appears to be a possibility for a future visit to the Tacoma area. Finally, one day we went to lunch at the Tacoma waterfront. The waterfront is not as picturesque as other waterfront’s that we have visited but the experience was enjoyable.
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September 24, 2015
Some previous reviews did have satellite TV reception. We have stayed twice and had satellite reception, once using our roof mounted dish and once using our tripod mounted dish. Ask for a satellite friendly site when making reservation.
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