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Washington 75315
August 16-19 2014
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Dwayne & Teresa, the camp hosts, are the most accommodating folks we have encountered at any famcamp we have stayed at during all our travels. They go above and beyond to make your stay pleasant they will always answer the phone if they can or will return your call in a timely manner. Although they don’t take reservations, they will give you an idea as to availability before your arrival. We didn’t use the bathroom facilities but they were clean and tidy. The laundry room is small but adequate. One of the three washers was broken when we were there. Our arrival was on a Saturday so instead of going to the Rambo Gate, we went to the Main Gate as per directions one this web site and as directed by Teresa. Before pulling up to the gate, I parked in the small parking lot where I think Pass & ID is located. My wife walked up to the gate and the guard directed us to the Rambo Gate. Since I pulled into that parking lot, I couldn’t make the sharp turn to get back off the base. The gate guard then directed us to just come on up to the gate. She then told us we should always go to the Rambo Gate, call the Security Forces number (509-247-5493) and that someone would come out and open the gate. This is to facilitate the inspection that is required. After getting to the Famcamp, Teresa told us that they have been having a lot of problems with the gate guards and that we should continue to use the Main Gate during off duty hours. On our next visit to Fairchild, I will call Security Forces on the way in and get directions from them.
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August 22, 2014
When we were there 3 weeks ago, we arrived on a Sunday and we had no problems coming through the main gate. The gate guard directed us to pull over to the right lane and he boarded the RV to do an inspection. There was no problem at all.
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