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Apache Flats RV Resort
110027   1   14   1   67
This popular resort is located at the base of the Huachuca Mountains offering beautiful views and a paradise for bird lovers and hikers.
4.6 (81)
Crazy Horse Campground Rentals
52137   0   17   0   5
This is a commercial RV Park where vacation rental cabins are rented by the Marine Corps. These rentals are available to qualified military members. These vacation rentals are situated on a small island in Lake Havasu, the campground provides the ideal combination of privacy and proximity to town. Although a commercial enterprise, there are specific rentals operated by the US Mrine Corps. There is NO Military Camping or RV Sites.
3.7 (4)
Davis Monthan AFB FamCamp
132457   1   18   2   89
A top-rated, popular military campground in the Arizona sunbelt. While it is full most of the time in the winter, there is plenty of overflow space and there is a fair rotation policy into the FHU sites. Received the Campers Choice Award for OVERALL BEST Military Campground in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2011 (Western USA)!
4.6 (168)
Desert Breeze Travel Camp
72117   1   20   1   27
A popular winter destination near the Colorado River in a Desert area near California and Mexico. 30 Miles north of Yuma and 27 miles north of Yuma Marine Corp Air Station (MCAS). The Colorado River has numerous irrigation canals and hundreds of small lakes with excellent boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing opportunities.
4.1 (35)
Fort Huachuca Remote Camping
35813   0   3   0   2
A variety of remote camping spots located around Ft. Huachuca and the range. Availability can be based on range operations and fire conditions.
4.4 (1)
Fort Tuthill Recreation Area
117298   0   17   0   44
Located in the tall Pines, near Flagstaff, Arizona. A perfect location to make day trips to the Grand Canyon. Excellent variety of lodging, in addition to varied RV sites.
3.7 (38)
Garden Canyon RV Park
34462   1   12   0   7
Not well known, this is the second RV Park at Ft. Huachuca. Garden Canyon RV Park is part of the Sportmans Club.
3.6 (6)
Site #11
70667   1   9   2   24
A quiet, no frills, remote location in the sunny Arizona desert.
3.1 (38)
Lake Martinez Recreation Facility
92196   1   26   0   10
A nice restful recreation area located outside of Yuma, Arizona, on the Colorado River.
3.9 (15)
Pine View RV Park
71669   0   18   1   45
Camp Navajo was originally established as Navajo Ordnance Depot in 1942. Within a period of one year, 800 ammunition storage igloos and more than 50 administrative buildings were constructed at a cost of $19 million. The original mission was the storage of ammunition in support of the Pacific Theater of operations during the Second World War.
4.4 (45)
10 results - showing 1 - 10