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Labor day weekend 2007
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The outside "ring" has the new sites. About 2 yrs old and nice and level. The grading around them could have better, when it rains the water pools in front of your door instead of running off. They are also "suppose" to be for no more than 2 weeks at a time, but they don't follow their own rules. Some of them have had long term campers on them.(attending schools at Rucker or transient workers) I even called and asked why but received the "run-around" on my query. (The inside ring is suppose to be for the long term campers). The bathrooms are at the far northeast end and are in pretty bad shape. Don't know why when they put in the new pads the bathrooms weren't upgraded. My wife refuses to use them and I know some people while we were there left the very next day due to the deplorable shape of them. The gravel road isn't that bad, just slow down and you'll be fine. The campground has a concrete boat launch that you are authorized to use if a registered camper. Pretty quite except when the Apache helicopters are flying out to the firing range, then they go right over the campround at low level. A good value if you don't mind the gravel road and the bathrooms. Great for the fisherman, the Lake is producing good fish now.
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