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June 2007 -June 2008
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From first contact with the Lake Tholocco Lodging staff and through four visits in the last 12 months, enough cannot be said. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and use their knowledge and position to be of the greatest benefit of visitors. The campsite is remote and rustic, but has excellent reception for those who wish to keep up with their soaps and other TV programs. It's approximately one mile over gravelled clay from the bath house to the paved road. It's right on the lake with all the attnedant flying, crawly and other insects - bring your bug repellants. Ozark, about 15 miles from camp has most of your RV needs that aren't available at the PX. I found quality, inexpensive tires at Roadmart Tires and the only RV maintenance facility between Dothan and Montgomery at R.D.S. Mechanical Inc. Both places provided excellent professional service. Though some find the sound of Blackhawks overhead a disturbance, it is "The Sound of Freedom" to me. This is, for those unaware, a training base for America's warriors. If you have a problem being in the presence of young Americans preparing to fight your battles, try one of those camps out on the highway where you can listen to the roar of 18-wheelers passing by. Over-all: Ft. Rucker makes available the kind of RV experience advertised in every RV'ing media. You can't beat it!!
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