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July 25 to August 1, 2008
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We enjoyed Lake Tholocco and our camping experience. We stayed in number 24, one of the new modern sites. Our campsite needed much attention. We carry a weed eater and a blower in our Class A Monoco LaPalma so cleaning up the site wasn't a problem for us, however, it should have been done by whoever was in charge of grounds. Some of the long termers allowed their animals to roam the campground so we had to be careful where we stepped. Our little poodles came face to face with three large golden retrievers on more than one occasion while we walked them on a leash. We loved the fact that they take "golden access passes". It made our week stay very reasonable especially if one was on a fixed pension. We live less then 50 miles from Fort Rucker and had hopes this might be our next "Tyndell Fam Camp". We are not fully retired yet and because of that it gets harder and harder to find a spot during the winter months within our time frame. The helicopters flying at night are much quieter then the raptor which is a great plus. You can still talk when one flies overhead. LOL This place has so much potential to be a great place to camp if they would build a modern laundry and restroom/shower facility to go along with their modern sites, a recreation center to meet other campers and pave the road to the RV park. I just don't understand why they didn't put sewer and cable in when they built these new modern sites. The pavement stops after passing the entrance to the "new" lodging cabins. Hey Rucker lots of us RVER's on the road today looking for a good place to camp. Tyndall Fam Camp is the money maker for all of MWR. Why not give TYNDALL AFB fam camp a run for their money and draw people from all over this nation to Rucker? The #1 action to take.... remove "CAMP BOSS" and replace it with "CAMP HOST" Have a great day!
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